Sicilian Luxury Manor House


During prehistoric times the Siculi and Sicani tribes carved caves into limestone on San Giorgio and inhabited the land for thousands of years. The caves, still visible today, attest to the sprawling landscape's archeological significance. Villa Aranjaya, is only one part of the panorama. Discovered and developed by the present owners' ancestors since 1400, today San Giorgio is a thriving citrus orchard that was converted to organic production in 2009. In 2003 it was recognized as a Natural and Cultural Heritage site by the European Organization for Landowners.
Welcoming you at Villa Aranjaya are its noble European hosts; agricultural experts who are pleased to introduce you to the wonders of this enchanting place brought to light by their ancestors centuries ago, and today meticulously converted with polished–terracotta floors, soaring ceilings and gallery-quality (midcentury) antique furnishings, set within it's own private parkland, verdant with a precious palm-tree collection from all over the subtropical world, and alive with bird song.